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Seeking translators in all languages.

Are you translating or planning to translate an Asian webnovel? Don’t know how to set up a website?

Consider joining Foxaholic Global!

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Global Translators


We translate beloved Asian webnovels to non-English languages such as French, Spanish, and Indonesian. (We are always looking to expand into other languages!)

You may translate straight from the Chinese/Korea/Japanese text into your language, but you may also translate using an English translation* as reference.

*NOTE: we require that you must first have the permission of the English translator before you proceed. You might also credit and link the English translator in your summary as well.

Re-translations from groups such as Blackbox are explicitly banned as they do not wish to have retranslations of their English translations posted on sites with ads.

Global Translators


Join the Foxaholic Global community.

We have a thriving community of readers and translators on Discord – come and mingle, ask for translation help, and get novel recommendations! Plus as a global translator, you get access to restricted channels.

No translation experience required.

You are expected to be a native speaker of the language you will be translating to.

*Note that you may be removed if found to be posting pure mtl or posting work so poorly done that it looks like pure mtl.

No requirements on update frequency.

Real life comes first. Quality comes before quantity. That said, you will be removed from the group if you are inactive (not updating or chatting in the Foxaholic Discord) for 3+ months. Just warn the boss (Fox23) if you need to take a long-term leave, and you will be considered still active.

You are allowed to split chapters into chapters parts for only chapters over 2k characters. No not chapters with almost 2,000 words; chapters with at least 2,000 words.

Renumbering chapters is not allowed either. Name your chapter parts as “Chapter 1 part 1″ and Chapter 1 part 2” (or any variation you would like); do not rename “Chapter 1 part 2” as “Chapter 2”.

You will also have access to post to the site yourself. Don’t worry, you will be given detailed guide (with pictures) on how to post to the site! (The table of contents, previous and next buttons are all auto-generated, so posting is effortless.)

We are open to (almost) all Asian Webnovels!

Restrictions: no Korean novels from the publisher Kakao, no licensed novels, and no poached novel projects.

As stated above, please ensure that you first gain the permission of the English translator should you decide to retranslate an English translation. If you are found to be retranslating from an English translation without prior permission, you will be removed from the group.

You can earn money from your translations.

Your earnings are from the ad revenue calculated based on the amount of page views you generated on your translations. (The more pageviews you get, the more money you make!)

*If you would like to earn ad revenue from your translations, you must have a Paypal account. We will not transfer money through any other method other than Paypal – unless you are willing to get paid in Discord Nitro subscriptions.

You can add this onto your resume under work experience.

Everyone is welcome to join.

*Note that we may check your translation skills with a quick chat.

Please also be able to communicate in English to some degree (or how else will the boss be able to come chat with you?).

Ready to join? Please join the Foxaholic Global Discord to get set up!

When you join the Foxaholic Global Discord server, please state that you are interested in becoming a Global Translator, and you will be directed to DM @Fox23.

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